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1826 Club

Being based in the local community of Banbury for such a long periods of time, Henry Stone Printers believe we should give something back.

With the ‘1826 Club’ Henry Stone Printers Banbury are supporting local charities to help the less fortunate and those in need. Being part of the community is very important to us and we hope we can help make life a little easier. 

We will be announcing more charities later this year and look forward to building even tighter bonds between the areas around us and Henry Stone Printers.


Henry Stone Printers is proud to announce as part of our 1826 Club, we are sponsoring Harijun Agung from Indonesia with the help of Compassion International.

He like to be called Arjun and lives in the Kalabahi region with his fisherman father, mother and 3 siblings.

Arjun is 7 years old and his hobbies include football and his favourite subject at school is Maths.

We will be supporting Arjun as he grows up and will be giving regular updates on our news feed here at Henry Stone Printers.